Happy craft blog

I was busy this weekend making things!

I know it’s not finished, but dis blog is also for works in progress, which this most certainly is.  This is a WIP of a medic coat I’m making for cosplay purposes.  Man, it’s difficult to fit a male-fit outfit to a female mannequin.  I think it’s suitably fiendish though - just needs a pocket, patches, buttons and hemming.  And maybe even some (fake) bloodstains!  Muwahhahhaahahaa!  Archimedes!!!!

(the waistcoat is what’s underneath the coat in most of these pics - I plan on making an actual beige waistcoat, as can be seen HERE (omg so much science and birds)

(also many thankyous to my awesome super lovely boyfriend who helped me bypass tumblr throwing a strop when I tried to upload more than one photo.  Go boyfriend!)

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